2020 Halloween Costumes for Gun Owners

Halloween is a fun time of year. You get to dress up and pretend to be someone you’re not, go to parties on weeknights, buy a socially irresponsible amount of candy, and pretend like you’re going to give it away. What’s not to love? Well if you’re anything like me, coming up with a new costume every year can be exhausting.

Oh yeah! I own guns! Lots of famous people and characters carry guns, I can put the two together and come up with something, right? Eh, kinda. Actually attending a party would be troublesome, since you’re carrying a live weapon in a crowded party in what is probably not a retention holster. But, that aside, here are some ideas you could use. Maybe swap out the real gun for a nerf or water gun? I don’t know, I’m not your dad. Figure it out yourselves.

My list is comprised of relatively well-known characters, because having to explain your obscure costume sucks (I once dressed as an alien from Titan:AE). I also want the characters to be relatively connected to the guns themselves. This is a blog about guns, after all. Firearms need to be a central tenet of a character, especially if it is one gun in specific. Finally, I want that gun and the clothing required for the costume to likely already be in your closet/safe, or easily obtainable. Since a lot of us go out on Halloween, and open carry is frowned upon in most polite societies (especially when drinking), an easily sourced airsoft/Nerf version is part of that requirement.

With all that being said, let’s get into it.

#1: James Bond

This one is dead simple. Grab a suit (black is traditional), a martini, and a Walther PPK carried concealed. The problem with this costume is that if people don’t see the gun, you’re just a dude in a suit. Also, 007 kinda requires booze to be accurate, so having a toy gun is a must.

If you are going with a wife/girlfriend, she could dress up as her favorite Bond girl and have a pretty swanky couple’s costume.

Maybe just one at a time, dude.

#2: Cowboy

This one might be more simple than Mr. Bond. Jeans, boots, a light patterned button up shirt, hat, and a revolver or two. If you shoot Cowboy Action, you already have the entire costume. If not, sourcing an acceptable non-toy holster and hat could be an issue.

For bonus points, you could do a “Man with No Name” variation. Add a poncho and a steel armor plate. Done.

There are two kinds of people in this world…

#3: Indiana Jones

Though more known for his whip than his gun, he does pack a pistol. Well, I guess his most famous scene features his pistol, doesn’t it?

Pretty simple costume. Khaki pants, white shirt covered in dirt, floppy hat, whip, and a blued S&W revolver of some sort. Maybe a model 19? I don’t know, this one is pretty flexible. I feel like this one is pretty doable and easily recognizable. Definitely one of the better ones on this list.

Look of longing encouraged, but not required.

#4: Dirty Harry

If you want a great breakdown of his style, click here. BAMFstyle has done an amazing job already and I’m only going to butcher it. Basically it’s a gray tweed suit, sweater vest, ray ban sunglasses, and a blued .44 mag in a shoulder holster. Oh, and a scowl that never quits.

The gun is half the character on this one. Harry Callahan introduced America to the beast that is the .44 mag, and it’s known as “Dirty Harry’s Gun” to this day.

#5: Rambo

Another simple costume. Fatigue pants, torn shirt, a cloth strip headband, giant knife, and an M60. This one may be difficult to source, the NFA bring what it is. A belt fed Nerf gun might actually be hilarious, so there’s that.

Wrapping Up

Halloween is supposed to be fun. If you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong. The costume is supposed to enhance the experience, not impede it. Don’t get too wrapped around the axle about if your costume isn’t perfect, or if people don’t recognize you, or whatever. Go have fun, and if you can safely integrate guns into it, even better.

Don’t take yourself too serious, and I’ll see you next Friday. -S_S


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