AAR: Sentinel Concepts RDS Handgun

Editor’s note: This post was written by Ozone. Click here to see the rest of his work. -S_S “Get some training”, “Train accordingly”,”Train more”, Suck less”. I'm sure we have all heard the countless phrases and sayings about taking a firearms training course. Finally the budget, timing and location all came together this past weekend.(-kinda. … Continue reading AAR: Sentinel Concepts RDS Handgun

A Case For The DA/SA For Your Carry Gun

I just ran across this piece on ITStactical.com, and figured that readers of my "What Gun Should You Buy" series would appreciate the perspective.  I'll link it below.  I didn't really address the aspect of picking an action for your first gun, though in retrospect I really should have. Since this isn't written by me, … Continue reading A Case For The DA/SA For Your Carry Gun