Desert Brutality 2019 Update

The biggest competition I've ever attended is coming up quick, and I'm terrified. Terrified might be an overstatement, but I'm not at all comfortable with the way things look right now. I have not been shooting as much as I'd like (that's been the case for the last 6 years), I've been slacking on hitting … Continue reading Desert Brutality 2019 Update


Learn to Cook

Everyone over the age of 18 should know how to cook something. And no, PB&J's and cereal don't count.  If you have to provide your own meals, you should know how to prepare some of them.  I'm not saying that everyone should be Bobby Flay, but if your culinary skills begin and end between two slices … Continue reading Learn to Cook

Twilight Run ‘n Gun 2018 I

I've signed up for my first competitive run and it's also my first nighttime firearms competition.  It's in northern Oklahoma.  If you're local, check the link to read the description and to sign up. There is a 5k Run 'n Gun twice a year on the same course and it sells out each time … Continue reading Twilight Run ‘n Gun 2018 I