Tincup Whiskey

Whiskey that doesn't taste good is like a gun that won't shoot: completely worthless.


HAWG Holster Review

 I got a holster for my Ruger LCRx in .327 Federal Magnum a while back, but haven't written about it yet.  I honestly hadn't carried it a whole lot and didn't have much opinion formed about it until recently, but now I feel confident to speak on it. But, this post isn't about the gun, … Continue reading HAWG Holster Review

Bones Coffee Flavors, Again

As promised, BCCo is back with more flavors. These are more late-summer/early-fall seasonal, with the exception of the White Russian coffee. As last time, thise coffee was purchased at 100% retail price. I'm sure I got some sort of 10% off code for being a prior customer, but I didn't think about it until I'd … Continue reading Bones Coffee Flavors, Again