A Case For The DA/SA For Your Carry Gun

I just ran across this piece on ITStactical.com, and figured that readers of my "What Gun Should You Buy" series would appreciate the perspective.  I'll link it below.  I didn't really address the aspect of picking an action for your first gun, though in retrospect I really should have. Since this isn't written by me, … Continue reading A Case For The DA/SA For Your Carry Gun

Kinetic Energy, Momentum, & Knockdown Power

First, we need to agree upon terms.  These are what these terms mean, and how they will be used for the rest of the post. Kinetic Energy = (1/2)*mass*velocity², and is measured in foot-pounds. (a grain is 1/7000th of a pound) Momentum = Mass*velocity, and is measured in pound-mass-feet per second Knockdown Power = Fantasy, … Continue reading Kinetic Energy, Momentum, & Knockdown Power

Don’t Buy Cheap Holsters

I guess this is technically an extension of my "What Gun Should I Buy" series, though this isn't actually about a gun.  That doesn't mean that holster selection is any less important.  In fact, there is a good argument to be made that holster selection is more important than gun selection.  For reference, read this story.   … Continue reading Don’t Buy Cheap Holsters

What Should be Your First Gun? Part 3, Pistol Selection.

So, now that we've decided on buying our carry gun first, and it really should be in 9mm, what gun specifically should we get?  Well, first off... DO NOT CARRY THE SMALLEST GUN YOU FIND. Please.  Why?  Because small guns are harder to shoot. 1: Most importantly, small guns weigh less.  That sounds like a good … Continue reading What Should be Your First Gun? Part 3, Pistol Selection.