Redundant Calibers

The last post was getting a little long, and the subject had plenty of material left, so I'm splitting it off into it's own post.  If I find enough of these little footnotes of history, I may make this into an ongoing series.  Let's begin.   .30-Caliber AR Cartridges The .300 HAM'R is a .223 … Continue reading Redundant Calibers


The Iron and the Soul

Saw this and had to share.  It is well worth your time. Henry Rollins’ Iron and the Soul Click the link above to read it on  I've given a little excerpt below that I found particularly useful, even out of context. "I have found the Iron to be my greatest friend. It never freaks … Continue reading The Iron and the Soul

Stupid Sayings: “There are Enough Calibers Already!”

This phrase doesn't come around too often, usually only when someone is discussing a new cartridge from an ammo manufacturer, or a wildcat they are contemplating.  That doesn't mean this saying isn't still asinine.  The heart of my entire point is this: whether cartridges are redundant or not depends completely upon how narrowly you have … Continue reading Stupid Sayings: “There are Enough Calibers Already!”

Kinetic Energy, Momentum, & Knockdown Power

First, we need to agree upon terms.  These are what these terms mean, and how they will be used for the rest of the post. Kinetic Energy = (1/2)*mass*velocity², and is measured in foot-pounds. (a grain is 1/7000th of a pound) Momentum = Mass*velocity, and is measured in pound-mass-feet per second Knockdown Power = Fantasy, … Continue reading Kinetic Energy, Momentum, & Knockdown Power