Bones Coffee Flavors, Again

As promised, BCCo is back with more flavors. These are more late-summer/early-fall seasonal, with the exception of the White Russian coffee. As last time, thise coffee was purchased at 100% retail price. I'm sure I got some sort of 10% off code for being a prior customer, but I didn't think about it until I'd … Continue reading Bones Coffee Flavors, Again


The Iron and the Soul

Saw this and had to share.  It is well worth your time. Henry Rollins’ Iron and the Soul Click the link above to read it on  I've given a little excerpt below that I found particularly useful, even out of context. "I have found the Iron to be my greatest friend. It never freaks … Continue reading The Iron and the Soul

A Case For The DA/SA For Your Carry Gun

I just ran across this piece on, and figured that readers of my "What Gun Should You Buy" series would appreciate the perspective.  I'll link it below.  I didn't really address the aspect of picking an action for your first gun, though in retrospect I really should have. Since this isn't written by me, … Continue reading A Case For The DA/SA For Your Carry Gun