What Is Strength?

I found this article by chance in the WordPress Reader. I never use the reader, and don't plan to start. I just have too much to get through as it is, and it hasn't impressed me with what's recommend but once. This article is what impressed me. It's from a firearms/defensive trainer in Pittsburg, PA, … Continue reading What Is Strength?

What Scares Me Regarding My Kids

Not being there when they need me. Most people are kind, caring, and trustworthy, but there are monsters out there. These predators look like the normal people, talk like the normal people, walk like the normal people, and may even convince you that they themselves are normal but they are monsters. They are the literal … Continue reading What Scares Me Regarding My Kids

Coffee Review: Bones Coffee Flavors, Again

As promised, BCCo is back with more flavors. These are more late-summer/early-fall seasonal, with the exception of the White Russian coffee. As last time, thise coffee was purchased at 100% retail price. I'm sure I got some sort of 10% off code for being a prior customer, but I didn't think about it until I'd … Continue reading Coffee Review: Bones Coffee Flavors, Again