The American Watering Hole

This is an exploration of an idea brought up by this article here. I suggest you read it, it's useful and has some good tips for what might be the most dangerous spot that we all visit. My article is about why I believe gas stations are so dangerous. I agree that gas stations are … Continue reading The American Watering Hole


HAWG Holster Review

 I got a holster for my Ruger LCRx in .327 Federal Magnum a while back, but haven't written about it yet.  I honestly hadn't carried it a whole lot and didn't have much opinion formed about it until recently, but now I feel confident to speak on it. But, this post isn't about the gun, … Continue reading HAWG Holster Review

Kinetic Energy, Momentum, & Knockdown Power

First, we need to agree upon terms.  These are what these terms mean, and how they will be used for the rest of the post. Kinetic Energy = (1/2)*mass*velocity², and is measured in foot-pounds. (a grain is 1/7000th of a pound) Momentum = Mass*velocity, and is measured in pound-mass-feet per second Knockdown Power = Fantasy, … Continue reading Kinetic Energy, Momentum, & Knockdown Power