Desert Brutality 2019

I signed up.  Feb. 2nd & 3rd, 2019, I will be in Southern Utah shooting the 2nd Annual InRangeTV Desert Brutality.  Hopefully I'll win something. If you don't know what DB is, here's the premise: A 2-Gun (rifle & pistol) practical shooting competition, where the difficulty comes not from complex stage design and target presentation, … Continue reading Desert Brutality 2019


Twilight Run ‘N Gun 2018 II Results

Last weekend was the 2nd Twilight Run 'N Gun. If you remember from my last update, I was feeling odd and apprehensive about this event. Well, it's come and gone, the cookie has crumbled, and the fat lady has sung. Before I get into how I ended up doing, let's take a moment to talk … Continue reading Twilight Run ‘N Gun 2018 II Results

Twilight Run ‘N Gun 2018, PART TWO

Oh, s*** boys!  Here we go again! Register here: It looks to be the same deal as the last time.  5k, at night, bring your own illumination.  Divisions are 2-gun, PCC, and Night Vision, no equipment limits within those divisions.  If you feel like you can hump it for 3 miles, you are free to … Continue reading Twilight Run ‘N Gun 2018, PART TWO

Practical Rifle Competition, August 2018

There is a defensive rifle competition each month only a few hours' drive from me, at Oil Capital Rod & Gun Club.  This make the second time I've attended, the previous time being June 2017.  It's not a complicated affair, and I'd actually say it's a good candidate for a person's first match.  The stages … Continue reading Practical Rifle Competition, August 2018

Twilight Run ‘N Gun 2018 I Gear & Performance Review

Last Saturday night, May 12th, was the first annual Twilight Run 'N Gun.  My last post was about the course, this post will be about how I and my gear performed.  As a reminder from last time, I finished 9th of 14 in 2-Gun division, 13th of 22 overall. Though I didn't finish well, it … Continue reading Twilight Run ‘N Gun 2018 I Gear & Performance Review

Twilight Run ‘n Gun 2018 I

I've signed up for my first competitive run and it's also my first nighttime firearms competition.  It's in northern Oklahoma.  If you're local, check the link to read the description and to sign up. There is a 5k Run 'n Gun twice a year on the same course and it sells out each time … Continue reading Twilight Run ‘n Gun 2018 I