Real-World Prepping

This is going to be the always up-to-date inventory of my personal home preps. If I ever write a Prepping Update post, it will be about a significant addition or upgrade to the list found here.

Water12 gallons13 gallons
Firewood3 days’ worth1 day’s chopped & split,
1 day’s to be split still
Food (kcal)20,000
Dog Food5 lb0 lb
Ammo (9mm)1,000 ball, 200 hollowpoint364 ball, 0 hollowpoint
Ammo (.223)1,000 ball310 mixed
Emergency FundUndisclosed
Cash on HandUndisclosed
Battery Backup10,000 mAh10,000 mAH
Emergency Lighting
Gasoline5 gallons0 (need fresh)
MedicalFirst aid + traumaFirst aid + Trauma
Fire Extinguishers22