New to Guns? Start Here

New to guns? A little overwhelmed? Don’t feel bad, it’s like that for everyone. I’ve written a few articles geared towards newer shooters and those wanting to learn more, and now have compiled them on this page. Feel free to click and read what you find interesting, and just go from there.

What Should Be Your First Gun?

Gun Owner Stereotypes

Bad Advice, and Why It’s Bad

Basic Ballistics

These should get most people a decent base of knowledge from which they can move forward intelligently. I don’t know everything and have never claimed as such. I learn new stuff every day, and a lot of the time it’s something gun related. The key is having a good base of knowledge upon which more good knowledge can build upon, and bad info is quickly exposed against.

If you found this helpful, please share it with someone you know. If you have specific questions that I haven’t covered elsewhere on the sight, shoot me those suggestions over on my contact page.

Stay informed, and stay safe. -S_S