The Ballad of Kevin Brittingham

I know what you're thinking, and rightfully so.  "Who is this Kevin guy, and why do I care?"  Hang tight, and let me learn you.  This started before I really got into guns, so some of this info is from what I've scavenged and remember hearing here & there. Kevin Brittingham started a little company called … Continue reading The Ballad of Kevin Brittingham


Redundant Calibers

The last post was getting a little long, and the subject had plenty of material left, so I'm splitting it off into it's own post.  If I find enough of these little footnotes of history, I may make this into an ongoing series.  Let's begin.   .30-Caliber AR Cartridges The .300 HAM'R is a .223 … Continue reading Redundant Calibers

Stupid Sayings: “There are Enough Calibers Already!”

This phrase doesn't come around too often, usually only when someone is discussing a new cartridge from an ammo manufacturer, or a wildcat they are contemplating.  That doesn't mean this saying isn't still asinine.  The heart of my entire point is this: whether cartridges are redundant or not depends completely upon how narrowly you have … Continue reading Stupid Sayings: “There are Enough Calibers Already!”

The New 300 HAM’R From Wilson Combat!

Holy smokes, what new hotness has ol' Bill Wilson unleashed on us this time? Huh.  Kinda looks like a .300BLK.  There's probably some sort of ballistic special-sauce that isn't obvious.  Let's look a little closer... That's just re... -dundant. What does this do that the .300BLK doesn't? Uhh... add like 100 fps to a supersonic … Continue reading The New 300 HAM’R From Wilson Combat!

Kinetic Energy, Momentum, & Knockdown Power

First, we need to agree upon terms.  These are what these terms mean, and how they will be used for the rest of the post. Kinetic Energy = (1/2)*mass*velocity², and is measured in foot-pounds. (a grain is 1/7000th of a pound) Momentum = Mass*velocity, and is measured in pound-mass-feet per second Knockdown Power = Fantasy, … Continue reading Kinetic Energy, Momentum, & Knockdown Power

Current State of my AR, and Where I’d Like to See It

That's a bit of a misleading title, because I'd like to see my AR become two rifles. Okay, but seriously. I'd like to see my AR become a short, fast, quick rifle for home/vehicle defense and I'd also like it to be a semi-precision rifle for reaching out to around 400 or 500 yards. How … Continue reading Current State of my AR, and Where I’d Like to See It