Desert Brutality 2019 – Lessons Learned

"The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing" -Henry Ford


Desert Brutality 2019 Results

That was a fun, eye-opening, and exhausting two days! If you're serious about both your physicality and gun handling you're doing yourself a disservice if you miss next year's event. (They'll hem and haw, but they'll do it again next year) I'm listing the stages by their true order, but not the order I shot … Continue reading Desert Brutality 2019 Results

My Ideal Practical Rifle

My ideal practical rifle is a spin-off of a modernized version of Col. Cooper's classic 'Scout Rifle'. A What? For what that means in detail (and see where the cover photo came from), check out this video: For what that means simply: A lightweight bolt or lever gun, with red dot or low power … Continue reading My Ideal Practical Rifle

Hard Lessons: LE, Self Reliance and Dying Well

On this first day of the new year, most people are making resolutions and setting goals for themselves for the future. In that same vein, I want to share a post from a blog that I frequent. This particular post has to do with one's future actions. Not necessarily ones that will happen in the … Continue reading Hard Lessons: LE, Self Reliance and Dying Well

.300 BLK, 8.6 Creedmoor, and Kevin Brittingham

The .300BLK started life as the proprietary ".300 Whisper" when Kevin was still in charge of AAC.  He was primarily responsible for taking this wildcat cartridge and getting it SAAMI approved.  This is no small task, and is the reason why it is now a ridiculously successful cartridge by all standards.  His new company, Q, … Continue reading .300 BLK, 8.6 Creedmoor, and Kevin Brittingham