Meet the Authors


I’m just an average guy.  Kind of grew up with guns, but am (so far) self taught.  I have a half dozen or so interests/hobbies, like cooking, woodworking, lock picking, and the occasional fine (read: affordable) whiskey or beer, but firearms are by far the one I spend most of my time on.

I have no background in the military or any law enforcement, any indication that I have such a background is unintended and should be disregarded.  For my day job I sit behind a desk and think about other things, when possible.

I have two small children at home and both my wife and I have day jobs.  If it seems like I do a lot more thinking than I do shooting, then you’re paying attention.  It’s also why I spend so much time writing about how we think about things.  I don’t have much opportunity these days to go out and do things, but I have plenty of time to think about them.




MMM has been a firearms enthusiast for over 20 years. He has taken over a dozen classes with topics ranging from vehicle tactics to TCCC. He is currently an 11B in the National Guard.