Getting Started in Archery

Inspired by Red’s Year of Not Shooting, I decided that I should do something similar. I’ve become interested in archery recently and possibly transitioning that into bow hunting in the future. Providing for one’s family in these uncertain times is definitely a characteristic of a Pro-Gun Millennial.

Shooting a bow is also something that I can do at home in my backyard, for free, when I have like 20 free minutes. It doesn’t require buying ammo. It doesn’t require range fees. It doesn’t require a ton of setup and it also isn’t loud. As a father of small children, these are all very important. In short, archery seems to be a good choice for me. Now all I need to do is start.

As some of you know, I shoot with my left eye because I’m left eye dominate. Which means I need to find a left handed bow. Compound bows are inherently not ambi-firendly, so that was an issue. Thankfully Ozone knew of a left handed compound bow and, through a little bit of horse trading, I was able to get it. Now it’s just a target, arrows, and practice.

Would you believe me i I said I wasn’t trying for a single group?

I’m still a complete novice when it comes to archery. I’m trying to translate what I can from pistols and rifles over to archery and I think that’s helping. Not a ton, but a little. The bow I’m shooting is from maybe the early 2000’s? Hard to tell. I don’t even know of any good resources online where I can do some deep-dives and learn more.

That’s better.

My current archery goals are three-fold: Figure out a way to make the setup and tear-down of archery practice faster, so I am more likely to do it. Find a way to shoot further than the 10 yards I currently stepped off in my back yard. And finally, figure out/build a good way to carry my bow & arrows. Is there a sling or holster equivalent for bows? Or do I need to put on my mad scientist hat?

If you know of some good archery blogs or youtube channels, drop a comment? Thanks.


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