Sunshine’s Goals for 2021 // Final

Didn’t do too hot last year. Then again, 2020 was pretty rough on lots of people. I tried making the goals for 2021 more realistic, yet still meaningful. Let’s see how I did.

#1: Read a Book a Month, Every Month

Didn’t quite pull this one out. On my 9th book as of writing, so only managed 2/3 or 66% of my goal. That’s better than last year, but still well short of my stated condition for success. I did enjoy

#2: Take a Pistol Class

Actually did this one! I took a home defense simuntions class this spring and a low-light entry-level class this summer. I don’t know if either one would really count as a pistol class, but I’m counting the two together as qualifying for completion. I used pistols exclusively for each, if that counts. I found both to be very interesting, both from the point of view of shoring up what I already knew and learning new stuff to reinforce and advance my existing knowledge.

In the vein of “learning skills for what I’m likely to actually encounter”, a self-defense scenario in my home in a low light environment seems very likely.

#3: Pay Off Half my Credit Card Debt

Did one better: paid it all off. Did some financial moves to make things work in our favor, but that doesn’t change the fact that we paid off all of it. Very happy about this one!

#4: Finish House Preps

Not completed. I published an optimistic update back in the spring and haven’t really made any progress since then. I am going to get my prep list set up as a table on its own separate page so I (and you, if you care) can more easily keep tabs on it, which will hopefully help me make progress on it. I have bought some more ammo and got a decent amount of firewood chopped and most of it stacked.

Ooops. As of publishing this will be the 41th post for 2021. I really tried making good posts with actual thought being put into them. Everything else I labeled “Quick Shots”. I even brought on another contributor (read his post here) and still came up pretty short. I guess I could push out a bunch of half-finished thoughts, but I’d rather have a few less posts than lower the quality of my product.


I guess working in a gun shop kinda robs my creativity. Maybe talking about guns all the time to real people in meatspace lessens my need to talk to you, Dear Reader, about the same topic. That’s not fair to you and ends up reducing my output here.

Maye I’ll throw out more memes in 2022? Yeah, let’s do that too.

See ya next year. -S_S

2 thoughts on “Sunshine’s Goals for 2021 // Final

  1. Great job on the credit card – that’s absolutely awesome! Probably one of the more meaningful preps you can make, and one of the more liberating things.

    What you got on tap for this year?

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