What is a PDW?

Just perusing YouTube the other day and came across this excellent video by 9-Hole Reviews. PDW’s happen to have a collection of features that make them attractive to a modern, more urban-dwelling shooter. That, combined with the fact that this is one of the sectors of the gun industry that isn’t completely stagnant make these pretty interesting. The guys at 9-Hole Reviews put together a pretty solid primer on the PDW concept.

That video really got me thinking about PDWs. I don’t really know if I agree with their Type system, but they have put a lot more thought into it than I have, so I’ll accept it for now. I may do some PDW-related content here in the near future. Not sure yet if I have much to contribute to the conversation, though. Check this space in the future.

Stay strapped, and I’ll see you next Friday.


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