What We Hand Down to Our Children

Townsend & Sons is a great YouTube channel devoted to “living history”, or historical actors re-enacting the everyday lives of our ancestors. Mr. Townsend focuses on American 18th century (ie the 1700s) life in the frontier. His channel used to be exclusively late-1700s-to-early-1800s food, but has recently branched out to many more facets of their lives. While that stuff is fascinating and I think everyone should watch it, that’s not why I’m here.

Mr. Townsend recently put out a video addressing the subject of traditions, family, and how important it is to bring things into the future with us. In crazy times such as we are currently living through, things like traditions and family and connection are more important than they’ve ever been in living memory. I have nothing to add that improves what Mr. Townsend has already said. Enjoy.

Sometimes I just need to remember how much I’ve been given and how lucky I am. We’ll be back to our regularly scheduled gun content next week.

Stay safe, stay grounded, and connect with someone face to face this week. I’ll see you on Friday.


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