Project SPIW: A History

Reviewing weapon development history always fascinates me. I find that knowing why people made certain decisions, or not make other ones, helps me to understand the resulting weapons better. It helps me when trying to figure out what people are doing today, and where they’re coming from. If we don’t study history then we are doomed to repeat it, in all aspects. So, today I’m going to leave these little nuggets of history here for our reading pleasure.

This weapons development project/study ultimately resulted in not only the adoption of the M16 and all it’s derivatives, and thereby the adoption in the public sector of what is now America’s favorite rifle and everything that’s gone along with it, but also many other military weapons like the M203 grenade launcher, and the entire concept of caseless ammo and hyperburst.

Truly Project SPIW is one of the most influential events in modern weapon design, I’d say since the invention of the cartridge case or smokeless powder. And it happened in the 1960’s! It’s massively influential, it’s very recent in comparison, and yet it’s not widely known. Thankfully, has a three-part series on the project so that this historical information doesn’t get lost to the sands of time.

I encourage everyone who is interested in the workings, development, and philosophy of use of modern weapons to give these articles a read.

Stay informed, and we’ll see you next Friday.


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