3D Printed 308 Battle Rifle

Not a long post today, but I found something that I think most will find interesting. Fuddbusters on YouTube and Instagram recently 3D printed an HK G3 reciever, which he put a parts kit into. The darn thing apparently works pretty well, which is interesting. Only a few years ago 3D printed firearms consisted of the .22lr Liberator and some not real great AR receivers, but this? This is a roller-delayed blowback .308! The G3 is not known as a soft recoiling gun, and yet this 3D printed receiver has held up for hundreds of rounds!

My friends, 3D printed guns are making the turn. They are becoming very legitimate options. They will mostly be rainbow colored for the foreseeable future, but I can overlook that aspect for now. I need a 3D printer…

Here’s the video so you too can enjoy it.

See you next Friday.


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