[Quick Shots] Mango Cart by Golden Road Brewing

As the summer approaches, and the heat rises, I start looking for a nice and easy drinking low-point beer. I don’t know if this is my go-to drink of Summer ’21, but it just might be. This is my first impression of Golden Road Brewing, and it’s been a god one (spoiler alert).

Golden Road calls Mango Cart a “Mango Wheat Ale”. Appearance is a light straw-color, opaque but neither clear nor cloudy. I would describe this beer as being a lot like a light American style Pilsner (think Coors Light, Bud Light, etc.), but with mango overlaid on top of it. At the front end, in the middle, and even on the crisp finish, mango throughout. This is not a complex beer with subtle hints of this or that, just a simple but light and refreshing drink.

This is the perfect kind of hot weather beer. Goes down smooth & easy, has great mango flavor to it, but not too sweet. It also has a surprisingly low ABV of 4.0%, so you don’t have to be quite as restrained as you would with a stronger stout or imperial stout. [It should go without saying, you can still get drunk off of this and make a lethal mistake. Drink intelligently.] If you see this on your local store’s shelves and you like fresh fruit, grab a box. You’ll probably enjoy it.


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