[Quick Shots] Flamingo Dreams Nitro by Left Handed Brewery

This kinda took me by surprise. This isn’t a stout like I had expected, it being a ‘Nitro’ variety. This beer is called a “Berry Blonde Ale” on the can, and that’s a good description. Not sure if the nitrogenation is a good or bad thing for this non-stout, though. Further testing is needed.

As far as the drink itself is concerned, I liked it. It’s a wheat ale, so it was much lighter and less viscous, making it more of a refreshing beer than a heavy, hearty stout. The berry flavor ended up being more tart than sweet, but I have a bit of a sweet tooth, so you may find it more enjoyable. The pink-ish color was also a welcome divergence from normal. Middle of a hot day this summer, this may be a good choice to reach for, and at only 4.7% ABV, you can sip on it all day long. Maybe not able to drive, but able to form coherent sentences.

As the temps rise, see if you can find it.

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