[Quick Shots] Galactic Cowboy Imperial Stout Nitro by Left Handed Brewery

Galactic Cowboy is a bit of a departure from Milk Stout. GC is definitely an imperial stout, which means it’s very strong. Left Hand’s website has Galactic Cowboy at 9.0% ABV, putting it in the realm of wine. The taste is still pretty smooth and has a good mouthfeel, but much less sweetness than Milk Stout. GC is also a little more bitter, but it’s still nothing compared to even the most tame of IPAs. I’ve had a few imperials stouts and GC is one of the better ones. The big thing is that the high proof comes at the cost of taste and overall enjoyability, although some people derive enjoyment from that aspect. To each their own.

Drinking Galactic Cowboy is like shooting a really nice .44 Magnum revolver. No matter how smooth it is, there is no covering up how much power there is. Drink at your risk.

This picture really shows the visual difference of a nitrogenated beer from a carbonated one.

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