The Six Guns You Should Own

We’re over a year into the most wide-reaching and longest lasting gun buying panic that I’m aware of ever happening. Now is about the worst time to try and find anything specific, especially most of this list. So, why am I now making a list of guns you should try to buy? Simple. Guns will be back in 2-6 months. People may very well look at the stuff they bought in 2020 and decide to offload some of the excess. In the event that either of these happen, you should put yourself in a position to take advantage of the changing markets and capitalize. You need to know what to be on the lookout for. You don’t want to be compiling this kind of list of things to look for, just to realize you passed up a good deal on what you need!

Admittedly, that’s a bit of a stretch. I do think it’s a good idea to know what you’re in need of so that you don’t miss a deal, but *need*? Anyway, onto the list!

Gun #1: EDC

This one is obvious. Most people are more likely to be victimized while out in public than within the comfort of their own home, so a carry piece needs to be first on the list. I go into this in a little more detail here.

So, what should you get? Any full-size to sub-compact gun that is unquestionably reliable and you shoot well. Anything that is sorta-concealable will do, although the more concealable there better.

You do need to make sure you spend enough money on a high quality holster. The difference between a gun that conceals well and one that doesn’t is always the holster. Dark Star Gear, Gundo, Harry’s Holsters, Philster. Pick one of those and you’ll be fine.

Gun #2: Alternative CCW

The alternative CCW is absolutely not extraneous. If the normal EDC should be considered the biggest gun you can carry comfortably, this gun should be approached as the smallest gun you can actually use. This gun will be the one you wear when you cannot afford to get caught with a gun, yet cannot afford to get caught without one, either. A real rock & a hard place, you know?

This gun needs to be small, compact, and absolutely disappear when concealed. This is where guns that would not be recommended for everyday carry start to make sense. 5-shot J frame revolvers, small .32 ACP pistols, derringers, etc, all make good Alt CCW guns. With this gun, holster selection is critical, maybe even more important that for your normal EDC. Spend time thoroughly investigating the best way to make this gun disappear into your dress.

The gun you choose for this can also be used as your normal EDC, but don’t go trying to shoehorn a G19 into this role.

Gun #3: Home Defense

Your home is your castle, and you are the guardian. The home is the one place that most Americans will acquiesce that a gun has a place. Since your home defense (HD) gun isn’t going to be carried in public, we get a lot more freedom in what we choose to use. Pistol, rifle, shotgun, all are fair game when talking about HD guns. The freedom extends well beyond just gun selection. Silencers, extended mags, specialty ammo, night vision, basically the world is your oyster, and the only requirements are that the gun is reliable and you shoot it well.

Well, maybe one more requirement: I believe that a home defense gun needs a light on it. Home invasions & burglaries tend to happen after dark, so positively IDing what’s making that noise is crucial. If your kid is what’s going bump in the night, you want to find that out with a light, not a muzzle flash.

Your EDC gun can also be dual-purposed into this role as well. This role can also be filled with the tiny CCW gun, but that isn’t optimal. You’d be using a gun prized for its smolness in a role where increase size has no penalty.

Gun #4: .22 Trainer

This one is simple. .22 LR is dirt cheap, and centerfire is not. Lots of centerfire guns have .22 analogs, allowing you to train and build real skill at a massive cost savings.

This can’t really be dual-purposed by any of the above guns, because then it wouldn’t be a ‘trainer’, it would just be your gun. I’m not going to get into the “is .22 good for self-defense?” argument here. Go somewhere else for that nonsense.

Gun #5: Life & Liberty Gun

I honestly believe that this is a legitimate role. 2020 saw large, uncontrolled, semi-spontaneous rioting in half the major cities, nationwide. I cannot be convinced that something a little bigger than what can be carried in kydex has no place in my safe. In this role, an AR, AK, or some other 30+ round capacity semi-auto rifle is perfect. I would not recommend a shotgun in this role. I’m a big fan of scatterguns, but this gun’s application can easily require more precision than a gauge allows.

This gun may be the best candidate for having a .22-trainer version. These guns’ ammo tends to be the priciest of everything mentioned so far.

Don’t believe the lies, this gun can very easily be used as your home-defense gun. Honestly, this could also be any of the guns listed above. If something went down, whatever you grabbed would automatically become your L&L gun. That scenario is pretty unlikely so I wouldn’t prioritize this specific role until the above roles have been filled.

Gun #6: A Fun Gun

Finally, and possibly most importantly, everyone absolutely needs a gun that’s just fun to go shoot.

To be good at shooting, you need practice. Marksmanship and gun handling is a perishable skill, afterall. The best way to make sure you practice is to actually enjoy practicing. Shocking, right? You’re more likely to do something if you enjoy doing it!

This gun can be dual-purposed with anything. The only requirement is that you have fun. I’m not sure if I can put it any more simply than that.

Not everything needs to be serious.


Don’t look at this list as a shopping list. I mean, I guess you could, but that was not my intention. I just want people to have an idea of what they have and where they’re at. If you do choose to go about filling these gaps in your own personal armory, be sure to prioritize your search. Do you live in a major city, or out in the sticks? Mountains? Hurricane zone? Be sure to consider what I’ve written and modify it to fit your actual circumstances. Think about what would work well for you and how that firearm will fill a role for you.

Think about optimal choices, backup options, and what is unacceptable. Making those sorts of decisions and creating those sorts of criteria now will save you money, time, and regret later on. Are you willing to spend $1,200 on an AK for HD? Only $750 on an AR for L&L? This way you can weed through the seemingly endless options and choices when the panic-bought guns hit the used market.

I personally don’t have a good .22 trainer for my AR. That’s probably my biggest hole in this list. What are you going to be on the lookout for? Also, if you think I overlooked something major, let me know down below.

Stay ready, stay healthy, and I’ll see you next Friday.


6 thoughts on “The Six Guns You Should Own

  1. I need a backup EDC. I carry a Glock19, and sure, I could slap on my big Glock 34 if I HAD too… but I’d prefer to have a pair of Glock19’s.

    I REALLY regret not buying one a few weeks ago when my local gun store had them $100 off!

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  2. Heh. $100 off was the used price on the 40th Anniversary Pistole 80 Glock at my local shop, used. No Tupperware case, only two lame ten round magazines, Trijicon fiber optic/night sights mounted… even a nice trigger pull akin to the S&W 2.0 models, possibly slightly lighter.

    Never been into Glocks. Still couldn’t pass that one up. Turns out I shoot it about as well as my other plastic handguns, and it was easy to get used to.

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  3. The best .22 trainer for your AR is your AR with a .22 LR adapter. In mine, the adapter is about and 2 in off at 50 yrds, everything is exactly the same, handling, sights, mag changes.

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