2021: The Year of Not Shooting

Well, if you read my 2020 Review you already know that I bit off way more than I could chew last year. What with a global pandemic shutting down real life for a number months, my part time job at the range not panning out the way I hoped, and my role at my day job being expanded I didn’t end with anywhere near the time or resources I thought I would have. So for 2021 I’m going much smaller scale with my goals, and hopefully keep them more achievable.

  1. Find Hobbies that aren’t shooting: I love shooting, I think that is probably evident by now, but for the time being it remains cost prohibitive to me. So in 2021 I’m going to try and find other things to do with my days off. Front runners right now include golf, fishing, and *whispers* airsoft. Expect posts about my forays into each of these as the year goes on.

2. Shoot 6 Matches: I’m going to set my bar for competition much lower this year. If I can get out to at least one match every other month I’ll be pleased. Obviously this isn’t going to be enough to get me bumped from B-Class, but hopefully it will be enough to remain relatively competent.

3.  Lose weight, but for real: This is one that I had last year, and failed on. I’m going to try again. I know this one of the more “normie” resolutions, but all the memes about guys with SKSs and good cardio smoking dudes with Gucci gear are working on me.

4. Try to do more “Prepping”: This is another one I fell very short on in 2020. I had a little bit of canned food, and a couple cases of water (and a lot of alcohol). Going to revisit Sunshine’s prepper posts for help on this again.

5.  Take at least one trip: This one might be as tricky as shooting matches in a world that shows no signs of the world laying off the COVID-19 fear mongering. It’ll probably be somewhere domestic, and maybe just somewhere pretty to go relax for a week, rather than the objectives I usually build my trips around.

6. Finish at least one Firearm Project: I know I called this the year of not shooting, and here I am putting two shooting related goals on this list. I like shooting too much to give it up cold turkey, and I like meaningless detail oriented firearm customization projects even more. That being said I have a terrible habit of trying to have too many projects like these going at once. Luckily, the Hi Power Project [Editor’s note: Coming Soon!] is just about finished, but that counts as a 2020 Project in my mind. In 2021 I either want to finish my Gucci 733, the modernization of my P-07, or a third dark and mysterious project that I will reveal later. If I can get one of these to “done” status I will be very happy.


I’m setting the bar much lower this year, but after 2020 I think we’re all a little cautiously pessimistic about how 2021 will go. I’m going to do my best to make the most of it, we’ll see how I’m doing in six months when I revisit these.

4 thoughts on “2021: The Year of Not Shooting

  1. Might I humbly suggest amateur radio as a worthy hobby consideration? It has lots of interesting little sub-cultures within it, including those like SOTA/POTA that require getting out for hikes and things. It’s also a legit skill to learn how to do well, and the time to develop those skills are not when the emergency has already happened.

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  2. I tried to take a trip and do shooting with my brothers at the same time at an Appleseed last April. World events destroyed that plan handily. Maybe this year I’ll finally assemble an AR from parts or learn how to reload ammunition.

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