The History of Silhouette Shooting

I like competition, and I like accuracy. I may not be good at either, but they always intrigue me. Silhouette shooting is an interesting competition of accuracy at distance, on the clock. When I look into gun ranges and their amenities, the ones that have been around for more than a decade or two seem to always mention their silhouette shooting facilities. I’ve never participated in the sport, but it seems like it would be fun. I’d love to try it sometime.

Anyway, here’s an article I was pointed towards. It tells the story of how this sport came into being, and from a pretty unlikely source. Read on, and enjoy.

The History of Silhouette Shooting -from Shooting Sports USA

Here’s the source of the cover pic, a piece on a 2-time champion of the sport. It’s a fine read in it’s own right.

Keep practicing, and I’ll see you next Friday.


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