[Quick Shots] Whiskey Review: Jameson Cold Brew Limited Edition

I like coffee and I like sipping whiskey. This thing on the store shelf is like a beacon, I’m just drawn towards it. But is it any good? I finally decided to find out.

Short Answer

Lots of potential, mediocre execution. 5 of 10, would not recommend.

Long Answer

I’m just let down. This strikes me as a spirit that should be full of flavor. The woody whiskey flavors, the dark, complex, roasty flavors of cold brew coffee, this thing should be great! At least complex, right? But no.

The nose doesn’t have too much going on. Decent whiskey smell up front, a coffee-y note towards the end. If the whole bottle tasted like that, I’d enjoy it a lot more than I have.

Tasting neat has a very muted flavor profile. Not much at the beginning, muted but normal Irish whiskey flavors come in about halfway through, and a stronger coffee flavor at the end. Leaves your mouth feeling like you just sipped cold brew. Which would be, if the aftertaste wasn’t the most flavorful part.

Tasting neat when chilled is a better experience. The empty areas in the flavor profile get compressed and improves the drink noticeably. It has a slightly sweet start, a nice cold brew coffee middle, and a reduced burn at the end. It’s not overly bitter, like some coffees are. Still not a ton of whiskey flavors, though.

Drinking with ice just ruins it, honestly. Normally ice stretches out a flavor profile and lets you dig into a spirit, but here it just opens up the empty gaps.


This is a disappointment. It should be very complex and intriguing. Instead, it comes off as a gimmick. A good whiskey should be able to be enjoyed in a few different ways. This one, not so much. If you keep the bottle in the freezer you’ll like it more than me.

I’d recommend this to someone who really likes coffee and is brand new to whiskey. This seems not like a celebration of coffee in the form of a whiskey, but like a way to attract coffee drinkers with no regards to whiskey fans. The super-low 60 proof only supports this idea. Overall, I’m just disappointed.

If you’ve got a bottle you think I should try, hit up my Contact Page and let me know. Or just put in the comments.

Stay safe, stock up on ammo, and I’ll see you next Friday. -S_S

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