Motorsports vs Shooting Sports

We’ve already talked about what guns your favorite foods would be, but what about shooting sports? Well, the food world doesn’t really have much to offer here. The only real comparison to competitive eating would be just having a large collection of guns. That’s not a sport. That’s just dude’s high-diving each other every time we get a new gun. (Which I support, BTW.)

So I looked elsewhere for a good comparison, somewhere I should have been looking at from the beginning: Car culture. Man, there is a lot of fertile ground to cover in the gun/car comparisons. Today we’re sticking to the competitive sports, but expect more to come in this line of thinking.

Now, let’s get to the list.

#1: NASCAR / 3-Gun

Now hear me out. Both started as dudes running around with stuff they had laying around, and quickly became equipment races. 3-Gun started as retired military and literal mercenaries competing with their FALs, Ithaca pump guns, and pistols. NASCAR started as bootleggers comparing the cars they souped up to outrun the ATF. Both today are completely unrecognizable from their original forms, and in both sports you need to be sponsored to even afford the equipment, much less the costs to practice.

I, for one, would love turning on ESPN on Sundays and watching a few hours of 3-Gun instead of NASCAR. If you’re reading this, you probably would too.

2: Rallycross / Multi-Gun Competition

Rallycross is a crazy sport. Rather pedestrian shaped cars on what are often a mix of raceway and blocked off public streets, but going at absolutely breakneck speeds.

The closest firearm allegory in my mind is multi-gun competition like the 2G-ACM they do monthly in Arizona. It is basically a way to come out with your defense setup and run it in a very challenging environment. Challenging in a way that doesn’t allow it to become a total gear race like what happened to 3Gun.

I attended one such event back in early 2019. I documented my lead up, attendance, and lessons learned from the event here on the blog. I’ve also been to a few multi gun matches closer to home. From what I’ve personally experienced in multigun competition and what I see from rally videos, I think these two sports are very close in spirit.

3: Autocross / IDPA

Autocross is a sport that I had never heard of until a few days ago. The moment I saw it I realized that it was basically the IDPA of cars.

Autocross is where an obstacle course made of cones is set up in a large parking lot or airport runway. People bring their cars and try to get the lowest time they can, knocking over cones adds time penalties. There are a half dozen gear car divisions, so your daily driver competes against daily drivers and the hot rodded rigs compete against each other. Tell me that’s it the same thing as IDPA.

4: Figure 8 / Russian Roulette

Just watch the first 2 minutes of this and you’ll see why

5: Go Cart Racing / Precision Rimfire

These are children’s toys, no matter how much money you spend. Looking at you, Matt.

I’ve got cars on my mind a lot lately thanks to Red Menace. I think that there are tons of parallels to be drawn between both those worlds. I’m apologizing in advance.

Stay dangerous, and I’ll see you next Friday. -S_S


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