[Quick Shots] My Ruger AR-556: The Muttrah City Meme Machine

Standard issue carbine of SickmenInf, Winfantry, and Habibinf

This Ruger AR-556 was the first AR I ever bought. I picked it up used at a gunshow (you might notice a theme developing there) for about $400. It was pretty rapidly replaced as my “go to carbine” by subsequent pistol builds. So with no real role to fill in my collection other than range toy, I decided to build it into a tribute to my one of my favorite video games of all time: Battlefield 2 Project Reality.

Unlike a lot of modern first person shooters, Project Reality (PR) offers almost no kit customization. So everyone plays with the same weapons on the same maps, and one of the most common rifles was the ACOG equipped M4 on the US teams. This was what I decided to turn my AR-556 into.

Not wanting to drop serious coin on “clone correct” parts for a joke build, I bought a cheap UTG Pro quad rail, and a Chinese no name ACOG copy. The only clone correct parts on the rifle are the KAC rail covers that I bought off a guy on Instagram for cheap, and a KAC vertical foregrip that my retired Marine boss gave me.

Is it perfect? No. Do I love it anyways? Oh yeah.

Everyone who has played PR knows exactly what this rifle is supposed to be when I show it to them. My best friend from high school and I used to play a lot of PR back in the day, and when he got to shoot the Meme Machine he said it was “crazy to hold in his hands,” and that he “f********g loved that I was crazy enough to make it.”

Although I will shoot a carbine match with this rifle eventually (mostly for the lolz), it really doesn’t serve any purpose in my collection other than a tribute to one of the games that sparked my interest in firearms.

2 thoughts on “[Quick Shots] My Ruger AR-556: The Muttrah City Meme Machine

  1. The 9 Hole Review YouTube channel did an amusing tribute to the Accuracy International 7.62 as seen in Counter Strike. Similar concept.


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