[Quick Shots] 250 Savage Model 700:

This week’s quick shot is a functional beauty (unlike the author…story for another time perhaps). Remember when Remington produced quality firearms? This was one of them. A Remington 700 chambered in 250-3000 or better known as 250 Savage. It is noted as the first cartridge to break the 3000fps barrier. Originally designed as a varmint round the chambering found favor with medium sized game hunters for its ability to dump a lot of energy into a target with moderate recoil and a short auction platform. Originally designed for a lever gun, the Savage 99. Remington chambered a model 700 in 250 Savage as part of their classics line up, and that’s where this beauty comes in.

Most of my peer group gets firearms passed down from dad or grandpa, but this gun was passed down from my grandmother. She used it for her annual deer harvest in the upper peninsula of Michigan and even took a cow elk with it in the mid 90s.

What makes it special to me is the light weight handiness but also the beauty of the wooden stock. While I do love my ar15s for the functional aspects, wood stocks to harken back to the good old days and are actually more comfortable in extreme temperatures (hot and cold) than their plastic or metallic counterparts. This baby can straight shoot, capable of sub minute groups with every ammo I’ve shot through it, granted those are mainly Hornady and Remington hunting loads.

This rifle is special to me because of its family history along with the more obscure cartridge. I hope you appreciate the aesthetic and the functionality. 

Tech Specifications for the gun nerds:

Make/Model: Remington 700 Classic

Barrel length: 20”

Weight: ~4LBS


Twist Rate 1:14

Trigger Pull : 2.5lb single stage.

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