Holster Review// Gundo IWBX w/ Light

I’ve had this holster since December 2018, a year and a half at time of publishing. I’ve carried my gun in it 90-95% of the time I leave my house. My opinion on it is formed by lots of first hand experience with it, not just a first impression. That being said, my opinion is worth why you paid for it.

Speaking of payment, I paid for this product with my own money. There is no relationship between me & Gundo Holsters besides a normal buyer/seller relationship. They also like my posts on Instagram occasionally. Derive from that what you will.

One-Line Review:

High quality, feature rich holster for a solid price.

In-Depth Review:

Specs & Features

Pretty standard feature set for a modern carry gun. I opted for a threaded barrel, suppressor height sights, and a red dot accommodation. It would be another twelve months before I had a dot & tall sights, but it was worth it to think ahead. I still don’t have a threaded barrel. I’m not sure if I’m going to get one on this gun, but my holster is ready for it.

The only spec I don’t know for sure is the thickness of kydex used. I think at this point pretty much everyone uses the same thickness kydex, so I don’t know how useful that data really is.

Why did I get this holster?

I needed a new holster. My old Coyote colored one (from a certain reptilian-themed maker) had certain features I had grown a disliking to. Things like the very low retention combined with a lack of ‘click’ when you put the gun into the holster. That old holster was also made to be converted from IWB to OWB and back again. That’s nice that you can buy two holsters in one, except that the darn thing costs twice what each of those holsters should. Since getting that old holster back in 2015, I’ve come to the opinion that I’d rather have two things that do a job very well than one thing that does both jobs poorly, like a spork.

Also, that old holster had formed some serious cracks in the trigger guard. Considering the trigger guard is arguably the single most important part of a holster, that’s a big deal! I honestly think those cracks formed due to poor design, further souring my opinion of 🦖 boy.

Lastly, I just needed something new. I had started moving away from Coyote/Tan/FDE everything and moved towards grays from my EDC stuff.

I’ve got a theme here, people!


The ‘click’ when the gun goes in and out of the holster.

The clean, straight lines

The built-in claw design

The bump on the left part of the picture pushes against your belt, leveraging the gun into your body, minimizing printing

The two clip rows of mounting holes.

The price

The guy running the company is a real shooter, and his holsters reflect it.

If you’re buying for a Glock, it is likely to ship in 3 days. Other stuff is 1-2 weeks. Two weeks is the low estimate for pretty much everyone else who bends kydex, I don’t know how Gundo does it.


Gundo doesn’t have every model of gun for every holster design. They mold off of CNC cut molds instead of inert gun replicas. That means that a new gun & light combo takes some time investment. If you’re running something obscure or esoteric, you might not be able to get a holster. They seem to carry enough gun models that all but the most hipster 1% shouldn’t have an issue.

Doesn’t conceal super good on my body. It also changes as I gain/lose weight. That’s very individual, so don’t read too much into that.

That’s about it.


So far I’ve added two things to it: A foam wedge and a new clip from Discrete Carry Concepts. The foam’s usefulness is up for debate, but the clip is awesome. I did a write up on them here but suffice to say that the DCC clips are highly recommended. In fact, I’ve already replaced the clip on my LCRx’s holster with the DCC clip. I’m a firm believer in the darn things.

The foam wedge has been used a lot since the last time it has been shown


I have recommended this company to my own family, that’s how much I like this holster. I only have the one holster from them, but that one holster is hands down the nicest I’ve owned. The only companies that come close to beating their price do so through some substantial discount codes. If you catch a Gundo sale for 15% off, there is absolutely no competition on price. -and all of that is before you consider the quality of the product!

If you need kydex, Gundo is where I’m pointing you. Check out their catalog here to view their current lineup.

Stay strapped, and I’ll see you next Friday. -S_S

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