Sunshine’s Goals for 2020 // UPDATE 1

#1: Read a Book a Month, Every Month

Started out good, got stalled out in February on Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations.  The book just isn’t quite what I expected.  It’s basically a list of thoughts that Marcus wrote to himself to cheer himself up and keep up his own morale.  While it is full of good little snippets and pick-me-ups, I was expecting more of a philosophical work.  It’s a good book, and it’s literally a look into the mind of a Roman Emperor.  That alone makes it worth having.  (you can keep up with what I’m reading on my Library page)

#2: Get Home Gym Set Up by March 1st

Done.  Got some rings set up and a sandbag put together.  I have maybe $50 total in it.  That’s less than I spent on groceries this weekend, and let’s not even mention how much I used to spend on a gym membership. Plus, I can hang the rings out of the way, move the bag off to the side, and my garage still holds both my wife and I’s cars.

3: Take a Pistol Class

Haven’t made any progress on this one yet. Still have a place near my house, it’s just a matter of finding the funding

#4: Pay Off Credit Card Debt

Haven’t made any real progress here either. Really, this needs to be done before taking a class, or some of the other ones. Compound interest is a b*tch if it’s not in your favor.

#5: Finish Off My House (Line 3) Preps

Truly, this goal also needs to be completed after #4 as well. The recent hysteria over coronavirus has only reinforced how unprepared my family is for something that would keep us inside for a week or more.

#6: Compete In Two or More Competitions

Halfway done. I shot a USPSA match in early January not far from where I live. It was the first time I had shot my M&P with the red dot on the clock and I was very pleased with how it performed. I was slightly miffed at my own performance, but that’s what happens when you take 11 months off. Your can read my match breakdown here.

#7: Get First-Round-On-Target From Concealment in Under 1.5 s

You could say I’ve been working on this one. I’ve been doing a little dry fire, and when I dry fire I always work on draws & presentation. I haven’t decided what the target area is going to be, or at what distance, but I’ll keep it challenging. Or I may just say “I can do it on a [x] inch target at [y] yards” and try to improve from there. Since this is probably the most important skill in a civilian EDC context, I do myself no favors by cheating.

#8: Get a Tailored Suit

Whether by tailoring the one I currently have, or getting a new one and having it tailored (there’s only so much that can be done), I really need a well fitting suit.  I was never truly happy with the one I have now, and I bought it 15 or 20 pounds ago.  I hate the way it looks on me.  Unfortunately, this will have to come after goal #4, as having a good looking suit is less important than getting rid of debt.

Wrapping Up

Though I’m not gaining as much ground as I would like right now, I’m still moving forward. Progress is progress. I’ve just got to keep my head down, keep grinding away, and be ready to pounce upon opportunities as they arise. This week I heard a new phrase that really struck a chord with me. “Be a wrestler, not a dancer”.

Keep going, and I’ll see you next Friday. -S_S