EDC Update (Early 2020) // Line 1 Gear

I’ve been kind of inspired by Integrated Skills Group and their concept of Line 1/2/3 gear and how it integrates with the current fad of EDC gear. I know they didn’t create the idea, but they are responsible for spurring on the re-thinking of my current setup. It helps that I was already moving in that direction with my recent Real World Prepping series, and nicely dovetails all of these things together.

As for my EDC, it is pretty stable. It hasn’t changed much since my last EDC post, but the things that have are interesting. Here’s my current rundown:

*everything here was purchased by me, at full retail price. There is no relationship here beyond company/customer, I don’t receive any kickbacks or compensation for anything I mention here*

Front Left Pocket

wallet – bifold minimalist style. I try to keep a little cash on hand, I find it more relaxing than always using cards.

Small, leather, and holds stuff.  Simple.

Tourniquet – RMT from V Dev Group.  I like this TQ because of the ratcheting mechanism.  The learning curve on this guy is not steep at all.  It also holds tension automatically, further simplifying the learning process.  Plus, the mechanism is robust enough that it can be practiced with without wearing out like in other brands of tourniquet.  Even though the RMT is pricey, you get a lot tor the money.

Most likely to save my life some day.

Front Right Pocket:

Phone – Galaxy S7 in Lifeproof case.

Like this, but way more worn out.

Multitool- Leatherman Skeletool. It has a knife, pliers, screwdriver, and thats it. It doesn’t weight me down with a bunch of dumb stuff.

Slim, compact, capable.  Nothing extraneous.

Light- LED Lenser P2BM Single AAA flashlight. While a defensive light cannot have too many lumens, a practical utility light most certainly can! This has like 20 lumens, and I usually find it too bright for my uses.  I’ll replace it when it finally dies, but at this rate that’ll be a while.

Slim, capable, nothing I don’t need.

Right Back Pocket:

Keys. Only 4, because I want to keep unnecessary weight and bulk to a minimum. My keys are the only thing I don’t carry on the front half of my body.


Blue Alpha Hybrid EDC in wolf gray (review here).  Al the benefits of a nylon rigger style belt, but with an undersized female end that fits through normal belt loops. Not necessarily the most formal or gray man belt option, but I’ve really grown attached to it.  I’ve work it daily for about 2 years, if that’s any indication of my feelings.

Love this thing.


Smith & Wesson M&P 4 25″ 9mm, gen 1. Wears a Holosun 507c dot and a Syreaml9ght TLR-7. Slide milling and (tungsten gray) cerakote by Primary Machine. I’ve owned and carried this gun daily (95%+) since late 2014. In October 2019 I sent it off to get the slide milled for a red dot, something I’d been seriously saving up for since I got back from Desert Brutality in February. I got the slide cerakote to match the holster, which also matches my belt. And sometimes my shoes.

I shoot this gun for everything. EDC, competition, flexxin’ on poors, everything.


Gundo IWBX (wolf gray).  Clip is from Discrete Carry Concepts.  Wedge is from V Dev Group. I discussed both at length here. The clip is awesome, not sure about the wedge. I don’t dislike it, I’m just not entirely sure how effective it is. The holster conceals my full sized M&P better than my HAWG Holster conceals my LCRx, I just don’t know how much of that is because of the wedge.

Great as it came, better with upgrades


Timex Weekender. The glass is scratched, the knob’s finish is worn off, battery’s been replaced twice and the strap 7 or 8 times. I’ve tried switching to other watches, but I’ve grown so accustomed to this one that everything else just feels wrong. I don’t think they make this model in this color scheme anymore, which is a real shame. I like the black w/ white letter look. I’m sure I’ll replace it eventually, but like my light, that doesn’t seem ike any time soon.

On strap #8.

Occasional Extras:

Earbuds- Mpow flames. I bought these specific ones because they were cheap and don’t have that collar piece a lot of bluetooth ear buds used to have. The sound quality isn’t outstanding, but they are good enough for podcasting, which is 90% of what I use them for.

They get the job done. Also, compact form factor.


Everything I had before I still carry, though some of it may have been upgraded or replaced. The only notable addition is the tourniquet, which was a long time coming. I still have plans to get an EDC med kit, though I’m not entirely sure right now how I’ll integrate my TQ with it, but that’s a problem for another day.

I’ll start planning out my Line 2 gear and have an article written about that here before too long.

Carry on, and I’ll see you next Friday. -S_S