Red Menace’s 2020 Resolutions

1. Shoot at Least Once a Week

I recently took on a part time job at a shooting range near my house. This comes with the benefits of free range time and a discount on ammo, on top of the additional disposable income. Even if it’s only 50-100 rounds, I want to do live fire at least once a week.

2. Dry Fire at Least Three Times a Week

I’d like to say daily for this one, but I think it’s important to stay realistic. I did basically no fire for all of 2019, and it shows. I think three 30 minute sessions a week, working through Ben Stoeger’s Dry Fire Reloaded will be a big help to my shooting.

3. Try to Average Two Shooting Matches a Month

Despite working two jobs, I’ve actually managed to arrange my schedule so that I am able to shoot the Thursday morning matches at my local range. Despite these being USPSA style matches, I plan to rotate shooting them with actual competition gear, from concealment and with a .22 converted carbine (my rifle skills are still in their infancy).

4. Make More Time to Not Work

This may seem counter-intuitive after recently taking on a second job but in 2019 I realized I was giving work too much control over my life. I took the time to actually use all my PTO for the first time ever. In 2020 I’d like to do that again, not just for vacations but also for evenings or weekends with friends and family.

5. Work on my Fitness/Weight Loss

This is something I focused on intermittently in 2019, but would like to get a better handle on in 2020. My main focus will be buying a new bike so I can start riding to work again, and be more consistent about playing racquetball with my brother. This one is pretty basic/stereotypical as far as resolutions go, but it’s something I do need to work on.

6. Finish my Hurricane Prep

This one should be pretty straightforward. Taking some inspiration from Sunshine’s prep list, I want to have a stockpile suitable for a week or two of no resupply after a major hurricane. As I currently live alone that should be easier for me than someone with a family.

7. Keep a Journal

This is something I’ve always meant to do, but often forget to write anything at the end of each day, or ended up losing whatever notebook I was writing in. I’ve since had the realization to use Google Docs as my notebook, and print each month as I go along. 

Final Thoughts

I think this list will keep me busy enough for most of the year. It’ll be interesting to look back at this post in December and see how well I did. Oh, I almost forgot: number 8 is beat The Iceman at STEELMAGEDDON for the third year in a row. Iceman if you’re reading this: I’m coming for you…….

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