EDC Upgrades Incoming

This week I got in some gear that I’ve been meaning to purchase for a while.

I’ve never used a foam wedge on my holsters, but recently I’ve lost a little weight and my gun has started printing a lot more than it used to. I guess having a little bit of a gut helps with concealment. Now that mine has shrunk, my M&P’s grip sticks out more than ever.

I have been planning on buying a foam wedge from V Development Group (aka VDG) for a while. Wedges interested me because I had never used one before and wanted to know how well they worked. I’m also a follower of VDMSR’s blog (which I’ve featured here before), so when I saw that he recently advocated for a new and enhanced foam wedge I decided that I had waited long enough.

VDMSR has also been singing the praises of these Discreet Carry Concepts clips for a long time. Same as with the wedges, I wanted to see how well they work. I’ve only used plastic clips with my holsters for the almost 6 years I’ve been carrying. I’ve never had any real issues with them, but I like seeing if the grass really is greener on the other side. V Development Group also carries those in their store as well, so I picked one up along with my wedge.

I also bought some more Bali Blue Moon from Philosocoffee, and it happened to come in the same day. Needless to say, it was a good day.

The first thing I noticed was the packaging from VDG. It literally came in a real evidence bag! That impressed me.

It’s a real evidence bag. It made my night.

The second thing I noticed was the massive, 4″ or 5″ wide sticker he sent! That thing is huge! I don’t know where I’ll put it just yet, but it will dominate whatever I put it on. That might be the point. Hmm….

Anyway, back to the actual stuff.

The foam muzzle pad came with a large piece of Velcro-brand-Velcro to attach to the back of the holster. It allows the user to adjust the position of the pad to precisely where they want it. This is good, because the first place I stuck the pad was completely wrong. Luckily it was a matter of seconds to re-position it in the correct location, and further minute adjustment is trivial.

That’s a holster for a full size M&P. Now look at the size of that sticker!

I’ve seen these kinds of devices made of what looks to be wedges of yoga mat foam cut into small triangles, but VDG’s option seems to be the only one that has a high degree of finish to it. Other wedges look like DIY options in comparison. Not that there’s anything inherently wrong about a DIY option, but if it’s just a sliced up yoga mat, why am I paying someone to do it? The VDG Muzzle Pad actually feels like a finished product that’s ready to go to market.

Looks goofy, works great.

The muzzle pad works like it’s supposed to. It pushes the muzzle of the gun away from the carrier which rotates the grip back into the carrier’s torso. I’ve only work it for a few hours total at time of writing, but I can already tell that my gun prints less. I’m not yet willing to give it a full two-thumbs-up, but I think that I will in the end.

VDMSR states that this muzzle pad has a longer life span than normal foam wedges. Since I jsut got it in this week, I cannot confirm it. I’ll wear it for a while and update you guys on how it’s holding up.

The Discreet Carry Concepts clip I picked up also impressed me right out of the gate. The clip is made of spring steel with some sort of coating to keep it from corroding. Since it is made of steel instead of plastic, it is much thinner and lower profile than the plastic clips I’ve been running. I didn’t realize how much bulk was just due to the clip alone!

Notice the difference in bulk between the two clips

The spring steel of the DCC clip also keeps the clip from being deformed through normal use. Plastic clips can plastically deform much easier than the spring steel the DCC is made from. What’s weird is that the DCC clip pulls away from my belt easier than my plastic clip. I don’t know if it’s the thinness of the steel or the length (the plastic one is made for a 1.5″ belt, the DCC for a 1.75″) of the clip or what, but the darn thing actually comes off the belt easier!

Combining the reduced bulk, the increased durability, and the ease of removal when I want, I am very impressed by this clip so far. I’m not going to sign off on it just yet, but I’m close. I’ll be running the old and new clip on my holster simultaneously for now to get a better idea of how it compares.

Current setup. Notice how even from this angle the DCC seems less bulky.

The big takeaway here is that you should keep an open mind. I’ve never needed a muzzle pad/wedge before, and I’ve never had problems with plastic clips. Why fix what isn’t broken? After having these items less than a week I’m already glad that I decided to fix what didn’t seem broken.

Stay curious, and I’ll see you next Friday. -S_S

5 thoughts on “EDC Upgrades Incoming

  1. I gagged at the price of the clip, but seeing the side by side comparison shows it’s worth it. That’s pretty sweet. Hmmm… my poor CompTac Minotaur holster has had the same plastic clips for ten years now… I think it’s time to upgrade!

    And the wedge… Hows the draw with it on? Seems like tilting the gun back towards your body would slow down your draw, especially trying to slip your hand around the side against your flesh.


    1. The gun fits with the wedge about like it did without the wedge but 15-20 lb ago. It’s not so jammed in that it impedes my draw, but enough to reduce printing. It’s harder to acquire a full firing grip, but if that was more important than concealment I’d open carry everywhere.


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