Coffee Review: Philosocoffee “Seneca’s Bali Blue Moon Single Origin”

That’s quite a mouthful for what amounts to hot bean water, though it is accurate and describes the coffee well. I got it here, with my own money.

Why did I buy this?

Course ground goodness. Surprisingly hard to come by

Because the company interests me. I’ve been getting more & more interested in philosophy lately, so a company called “Philosocoffee” is going to get my attention. That’s, admittedly, a terrible reason to spend money with a company. After a few DMs back and forth, I found out that I can order my coffee course ground. As a person who only uses a French press to make coffee, this really caught my attention. I’ve only found one other place to get course ground coffee, and that’s from the store. I’m not a fan of big box stores when I can avoid them. I’d much rather spend a little extra on an artisanal product from an independent guy than something from Target. Also the owner seems to be a nice guy, and that’s always a good thing.

Unroasted Organic Bali Blue Moon Green Coffee - RFA | FRC ...
Not super blue, but it’s definitely there
It’s subtle, but there’s a little more blue than normal in there.

I purchased this specific coffee because the philosophy I’m interested in is Stoicism. Seneca is one of the great stoics of history, so a coffee named after him attracted me. The Bali Blue Moon coffee bean is also interesting, as it’s literally blue. Unfortunately the blue color doesn’t appear in the grinds, though this isn’t a deal breaker by any means. I was pleasantly surprised that the foam on top of the freshly made coffee also had a blue hue to it, making it almost purple in color. If nothing else, this coffee is visually interesting. Thankfully, that’s not only thing good about this coffee.


I tried the coffee two ways, normally brewed and cold brewed.  I purchased the coffee course ground.  Here’s how I prepared it:

Very little required in terms of equipment.

18 oz water is heated in an electric kettle.  The coffee grinds are added to a french press, and just-under-boiling water was added on top of the grounds.  This was allowed to brew for between 4 minutes and 30 seconds before being poured into a mug or thermos.

Doesn’t look like much, but in 24 hours you’ll be a believer

For the cold brew, I used twice the amount of grounds for the same amount of water, but the water was unheated.  Once the grounds were added, it was capped off and placed in the fridge for 24-36 hours.  I always tasted it unaltered, but put varying amounts of 2% milk or cream and Splenda sweetener in them (because I’m basic).


Listed as a medium-to-dark roast, Seneca’s go-juice is dark, bold, not overly bitter, with a hint of acidity. A good, strong flavor but without tasting burned. It even has a note of dark chocolate in it, though I only caught that when cold brewing it. Seneca’s reminds me of another single-origin coffee from Guatemala that I enjoy.

I’m not a fan of bright, citrus-y coffees. Seneca’s blend has a little of that acidity in it, but not very much. Like it’s complimenting the rest of the dark flavor instead of clashing with it. If that brightness is more your style, then this might not be for you. It’s serious, but not pushy. I’m a fan.

Sweet, delicious heresy

Cold brewing was similar. Dark, bold, sharp in certain respects but not bright and obnoxious. The only problem with this method was the rate at which I was using coffee. The bag isn’t big enough to last very long if I only cold brewed! I could always just buy a bigger bag, and I’m sure that’s what Philosocoffee would recommend as well :). The cold brew is so good that adding something to it feels like heresy.


It’s good. You should buy some. It costs a little more than what you’d pay at the store, but for some people that money is well spent. How well? Well enough that I’ve already got more on order.

If you drink coffee because you need to get some caffeine in your system, then maybe stick to the swill you get at the store or the gas station. Also, you are probably addicted. If you actually care about the experience of drinking good coffee, and can taste the difference, then you should take a look at Philosocoffee. Use the code “Sunshine” to save 0% off your next order. They don’t pay me or anything, I just think it would be funny.

Stay alert. I’ll see you next Friday. -S_S

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