Advanced Tips For The Concealed Carrier

The article I’m linking to below is, frankly, incredible. I honestly wish I had come up with the stuff in it. Keen observers will notice that this is from the same blog as my shotgun post from last week. Don’t worry, I won’t just end up repeating what Greg says week after week, but this on is just too good not to share! Click the link to read on.

Drawing Attention Away From Your Concealed Carry Gun by Greg Ellifritz

I’ll see you on Friday. -S_S

2 thoughts on “Advanced Tips For The Concealed Carrier

  1. Good article, thanks for sharing.

    I feel like I’m regularly in a bind regarding clothing. I get the mantra of “dressa round the gun,” but that doesn’t help people who don’t always want to dress like they’re going on a casual hike or just bumming around town. The colors and patterns are a great idea, though.

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    1. I hate the idea of ‘dressing around the gun’. Before I got heavy into guns, I had a brief obsession with men’s style, so the thought of buying a size larger and/or wearing baggy clothes makes me sick to my stomach! Caring so little about my appearance goes against my nature.

      Fortunately, appendix carry benefits me in that regard as well. Still not wearing a hoodie in public, though.


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