CCW Carriers Aren’t Bad Guys

In case you haven’t heard, CCW carriers are considered to be the most law-abiding demographic of citizens you can find. This isn’t just gun shop Fuddery, either. Year after year, the Crime Prevention Resource Center publishes studies showing this to be the case. I think that everyone should click over there and peruse the studies and reports compiled over there. If you own a gun for defense from violent criminal actors, you might as well have an idea of some stats associated with them.

The most recent study they’ve published states more of the same. The average permit-revocation rate (includes felonies & misdemeanors) is ~2.4 per 100,000. For police officers, that rate as 16.5 per 100,000. CCW permit holders Are convicted of crimes at a rate 1/7th that of police officers! The people enforcing the law break it seven times as often as a normal, everyday CCW-er! If there’s anything closer to an instant background check than a CCW permit, I’m not aware of it.

Now, so that it doesn’t look like I’m some kind of cop hater, I’d like to mention to my readers that the cops are still worlds better than the average citizen. General population for criminal convictions for all Americans is 3,813 per 100,000. The general population is 231 times as likely to commit a crime as a uniformed police officer, and 1,600 times as likely to do so as a CCW permit holder. Once again, a permit to carry is basically an instant background check.

The study didn’t focus on crimes committed by CCW permit carriers, but on CCW permit carriers in general, and has a lot of other good info in it as well. One thing that struck me was the total number of permit holders, which they have broken down by state (where applicable). The number of permit holders for 2018 is 17.25 million! That’s over 7% of the population of the entire US! The Trump Slump may have slowed down retail sales and the panic buying, but the amount of people getting permits has only increased.

We must remember that increasing populations cannot be handled the same as when they were small. I fully expect the percentage of permit holders to get their permits revoked to increase. When it was something almost no one had and you had to be “in the know” to get it, you had a very homogeneous group. Homogeneous groups are reflected by stats much better than widely varied groups. You know what groups were the fastest increasing demographics getting licenses? Minorities and women. The fastest growing subset was black women, whose numbers increased more than twice that of whites.

I’m not saying that blacks and women are going to commit more crimes! I’m using them as an indicator that carrying a permit is no longer an “old boy’s club”, and it cannot be treated as such for much longer, if at all. In fact, I’d treat a female or minority permit carrier like I’d treat any other permit holder from before 2005: as a paragon of law following, statistically speaking. If women and minorities are comfortable enough to get in on something that was once the realm of old fat white guys, then I’m concerned that the practice will become common enough that it will start to attract the crazies. Judging by the existing demographics of people with carry permits, these ‘crazies’ will probably be white dudes first.

Then again, carry permits require background checks, training, paying out-of-pocket, not getting reimbursed, and patience while it gets processed. And for what? To do a thing that you could be doing anyway? The only difference is that you’ll no longer worry about getting caught doing it. Yeah, I don’t think I’ll worry about the crazies getting in on this whole ‘licensed to carry’ thing. It would be out of character for them.

PROTIP: Avoid Punisher skulls at all costs! The Punisher is the exact opposite of what the data indicates all CCW-ers to be, and exactly what the anti-gun proponents try to make us out to look like.


If the above seems self-evident, that’s because you’re paying attention. I felt that this post needed to be written anyway, for those who either hadn’t picked up on it yet, or who needed a place to send friends & family.

My father in law a few weeks ago asked me the following question: “If a cop pulls you over and sees you carrying a gun, how does he know that you’re not a bad guy?” I gave him the same kind of answer that I’d give a fellow gun carrier, but it didn’t feel right and I don’t know if I communicated my point in a way that he understood. My problem was that I have been privy to the above knowledge for so long that I’d lost touch with a normal person’s thought process on the subject. I don’t know if I could give him a solid, one-or-two sentence answer today, but I feel like I could better communicate it now.

We as gun owners and gun rights supporters need to remind ourselves that we see the world differently than our unarmed brothers & sisters around us. We think the same way as them in 99.5% of our lives, so we might forget that we’re thinking in different terms than them when it comes to guns. We need to be aware of the fact that we can easily lose touch with the common man. If we do so, and don’t correct course, we’ll be unable to explain our positions and reasoning to the very people we’re trying to communicate with! Use me as an example of what not to do.

In that same vein, here’s a list that the CPRC updates periodically with active shooter events that are stopped by armed civilians. One of them I’ve even written about here on my blog. Since they update it periodically, it might be a good thing to bookmark it for return trips later.

Carry on, and I’ll see you next Friday. -S_S

*Cover picture taken from Alien Gear Holsters and Shutterstock, neither of which do I own*

6 thoughts on “CCW Carriers Aren’t Bad Guys

  1. Excellent post sir! Regarding your FIL and his question… Most cops that I know regard CCW in high esteem. How do they know we’re the good guys? The CCW means that we’re self-reliant and law-abiding. In other words, one less person that they have to worry about. I have literally gotten verbal warnings and reduced tickets when I present my permit with my DL (I tend to drive fast… it’s a a paramedic thing.) Cops are people too (the data you reference above proves that point), and are generally pretty good judges of character with any time at all on the job.

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  2. The whole Punisher Skulls and other ‘gun owner hooligan’ stuff always bugged me. It was cool until EVERYONE started doing it, and now it’s pretty much a sign of douchebaggery. Just like guys with Monster Energy Drink logo’s on the back of their trucks. 🙂

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