Desert Brutality 2019 – Lessons Learned

Hopefully I’ll have a red dot on my pistol by next DB. The lesson I learned from watching other guys in my squad is that red dot equipped pistols are borderline cheating compared to irons.

If I have it put together, a braced pistol as my AR. The reduced length and weight will be fun. There was at least one place where my 16″ rifle jammed me up.

If I do run a pistol as my primary gun, it’ll have a magnifier. 3x power was clutch in certain situations.

A double belt system. The ability to unclip all my stuff and put it all back on in under 10 seconds is very appealing. Having to thread-on and -off all my gear twice a day is more of a chore than it should be.

Practice more with my pistol. 2/3rds of all my penalties can be tied directly back to my lack of skill in engaging moving targets with my pistol. I honestly believe that getting a red dot on there will help with this to a great degree.

Practice speed on both rifle and pistol. I think I’m over-confirming my shots, leading to unnecessary precision and wasted time. After reviewing my stage footage, I seem to be going surprisingly slow even with my rifle. I’m not sure how much I’m truly gaining running magnification against a straight red dot in some places.

Mainly just shoot better. Penalties killed me, just like they were designed to do, and I got most of those from moving target systems. If I shot better on the first part of stage 2, I would have placed significantly better. Translated that from competition-speak: Moving targets are my greatest weakness. I need to train those more, somehow, before DB2020.

Moving Forward

This is the last you’ll see of this event on here, though I’ll undoubtedly reference it in the future. I figure that I’ve satiated my audience’s appetite for this particular topic and I need to move on. I’ve got some product reviews I’m working on and a whole new topic that should be coming up soon.

See you next Friday. -S_S

5 thoughts on “Desert Brutality 2019 – Lessons Learned

  1. Word to the wise. If you run the AR pistol, your windage zero is highly critical. You can kinda fudge on elevation (but it’s best to know your hold overs really well) but if your windage is off by a half inch at 25yards, then that will really mess you up shooting off hand at 100 or lay-over prone at 50. I once tried using a “good enough” zero at an AZ2G match and it didn’t work well for me.


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