The American Watering Hole

This is an exploration of an idea brought up by this article here. I suggest you read it, it's useful and has some good tips for what might be the most dangerous spot that we all visit. My article is about why I believe gas stations are so dangerous. I agree that gas stations are … Continue reading The American Watering Hole

My Ideal Practical Rifle

My ideal practical rifle is a spin-off of a modernized version of Col. Cooper's classic 'Scout Rifle'. A What? For what that means in detail (and see where the cover photo came from), check out this video: For what that means simply: A lightweight bolt or lever gun, with red dot or low power … Continue reading My Ideal Practical Rifle

Hard Lessons: LE, Self Reliance and Dying Well

On this first day of the new year, most people are making resolutions and setting goals for themselves for the future. In that same vein, I want to share a post from a blog that I frequent. This particular post has to do with one's future actions. Not necessarily ones that will happen in the … Continue reading Hard Lessons: LE, Self Reliance and Dying Well