Twilight Run ‘N Gun 2018, PART TWO -UPDATE

The Twilight Run ‘N Gun 2018 – Part II is on the 27th, 15 days from the day this is published.  My rifle is already set up.  I know what gear I’m going to run.  I know what I’m going to change and I think I know what to expect.  My real concern is that I’m not giving this situation the gravity it deserves.  I feel less stressed about it than I did at this point last time, and that concerns me.

In short: I’m worried that I’m not worrying enough.

My main fear is the same as last time: my conditioning.  Last time I thought that my training schedule was messed up.  I didn’t realize how stable it really was.  I’ve had to really find new and novel ways to find time to train for this event.  The gym I go to has an indoor olympic swimming pool that I’ve been making use of during my lunch break for about the past month or so.  Swimming and running use completely different muscles, but I can get pretty winded swimming 300-400 meters.  Conditioning is conditioning, but I’d still rather be running.  I’ve got the next 6 nights free of excuses to not go and get my run on, and the following 8 should be easy to make.  I wonder why I never thought to just go run at lunch, instead of swimming.  I’m kind of an idiot some times.

I’m still hitting the range for a solid session (like this one) once a month, plus I’ve got a Practical Rifle competition (like this one) this weekend to use as a dry run/dress rehearsal.  The gun stuff doesn’t worry me as much as the running aspect.

There are still a decent amount of spots left, so hop on and register here:

For a refresher on my performance at the first one, click here and here.


See you next Friday


5 thoughts on “Twilight Run ‘N Gun 2018, PART TWO -UPDATE

  1. Man, I’d love to do something like this. But there doesn’t look like anything like out here in Virginia.

    Regarding conditioning, do you ruck at all? It’s a killer conditioning workout when you push the pace, and I think it would prepare you well for something like this. With other conditioning, I hate running. The best investment I made this year was a rowing machine for the house. That makes it super convenient to get a good cardio conditioning workout before or after work.

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    1. I don’t ruck. I shouldn’t feel weird running around my neighborhood carrying a bag, but I do for some reason. I’m glad that you have a way to do conditioning at the house. I’ve been working on something similar, but haven’t got it worked out just yet.


      1. Hehe, I hear you on getting around the neighborhood with a backpack on. I actually have a convenient excuse since I live across the street from a 4-mile loop through a wooded trail in a state park.

        I don’t get many looks from that. The day I ever decide to do it while carrying a battle belt and sledge hammer, though….

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