Practical Rifle Competition, October 2018

I went back to the rifle competition this past weekend. I ought to get there more often, but life has a funny way of keeping our plans from ever going the way we intend. I'm not going to go over how the match works, you can read it here. I did get video this time, … Continue reading Practical Rifle Competition, October 2018


Twilight Run ‘N Gun 2018, PART TWO -UPDATE

The Twilight Run 'N Gun 2018 - Part II is on the 27th, 15 days from the day this is published.  My rifle is already set up.  I know what gear I'm going to run.  I know what I'm going to change and I think I know what to expect.  My real concern is that … Continue reading Twilight Run ‘N Gun 2018, PART TWO -UPDATE