Life Update: 6 Months In

I figured I’d give my readers a little update on my life.  This is supposed to be a lifestyle blog of a young gun enthusiast, but I haven’t really done much blogging about my life.  I don’t plan on doing this sort of thing very often, or ever again, but right now it feels like I should.

I published my first post on March 9th, 2018.  At that point in time I was still adjusting to having a relative newborn in the house for the first time in my life.  I’m going to refer to her as Pineapple.  In the past 6 months, she has learned to sit up straight, to crawl, hold a bottle on her own, to pull up into a standing position, and even to walk while holding onto things.  As she grows, her daily routine changes to match.  Naps change time and length, when she goes to sleep moves forward and back, when and how much she eats fluctuates, its kind of chaotic.

As I reported in my that first post from early March, one major casualty has been my time in the gym.  Not that all is lost, though.  Last week I realized that I could still get some exercise in during the week.The problem is that my wife works nights and Pineapple wakes up unpredictably in the mornings, meaning that I can only work out at night 3 or 4 times a week max, or I’d have to get up at like 4 am sharp.  I know I should just bite the bullet and get up early, but I’m lazy and getting up early is hard.  Lifting weights during my lunch break isn’t a great idea either, since my workouts generally take up the entire lunch break, meaning that I’m either taking a longer lunch than I’m allowed, or I’m seriously cutting back on my workouts due to showering and travel time.  So, what was my epiphany?  Just hit the pool.  I can get some solid exercise in 20-25 minutes in the pool, shower, and travel back to the office on time.  I’m still going to try to get some lifting in 3 times a week at night (or maybe in the morning, who knows), but I’m definitely going to be swimming a lot in the next few months.

Part of the reason I’m so insistent upon getting in semi-daily exercise is that I’ve got that Twilight Run ‘N Gun 2018, PART TWO coming up in seven weeks.  That, and I’m trying to stave off my genetic predisposition to obesity, heart disease, and probably diabetes.

What else, what else…  Oh!  I’ve got more Bones Coffee headed my way.  You’ll have to check back and see what comes!  Here’s what came last time. [Edit: Here’s the second installment]

I’m not going to hit you with the cliché ‘Good stuff coming down the pipe!  Check back soon to see what we’ve got for you next!’, though you should check in regularly.  I’ll be updating on my prep for the TRNG, coffee, and I’ll be talking about a long-term goal of mine that I’ve been contemplating for a while.  I post every Friday morning, with the occasional random or time-sensitive post elsewhen during the week.

Us 2

See you on Friday


2 thoughts on “Life Update: 6 Months In

  1. As a father to a stubborn, headstrong, but adorable two year old little girl – I feel your pain on the lack of free time. I would say it gets better, but we are still waiting on that. 🙂
    I go to the gym at 5am, as soon as it opens. Get a good hour long workout in, then back home to wake our oldest up for school. It works for me, but I’m in bed by 10. Our daughter is still an unpredictable sleeper, sometimes up until 2 am, but my wife bears the brunt of that struggle. She works from home and can adjust her schedule accordingly..
    I just get tagged in when she gets worn out. 🙂

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