The New 300 HAM’R From Wilson Combat!

Holy smokes, what new hotness has ol’ Bill Wilson unleashed on us this time?

WC hamr 1

Huh.  Kinda looks like a .300BLK.  There’s probably some sort of ballistic special-sauce that isn’t obvious.  Let’s look a little closer…

WC hamr 2

That’s just re… -dundant.

What does this do that the .300BLK doesn’t? Uhh… add like 100 fps to a supersonic projectile? Yeah, count me out.

Look, I’m 100% in favor of innovating and making new guns, bullets, gear, projectiles, etc.  There is a point to finding new niches for calibers that haven’t been explored yet. The .300BLK was such an example when it was new. The .277 Wolverine is another example, along with 6.5 Grendel, 6.8 SPC, .224 Valkyrie, and basically every other cartridge out there.  There is a lot of value in exploring the spaces between well established loads to see if there are hidden sweet spots we are unaware of, like what the 6.5 Creedmoor did (for the general public, anyway).

So what does this new 30-cal AR cartridge do? It replicates the .300 BLK. It also replicates the .30 Remington, 7.62×39, and .30-30. It’s not a ‘fits in the overlap of 2 other rounds’, this is a well-established load being re-named by a boutique who’s charging $3,650 per rifle. You’re out of your freaking minds!

Honestly, Wilson should have gone with the name “30-30 AR”, like they were going to originally.



*pics and quote taken from TFB.

4 thoughts on “The New 300 HAM’R From Wilson Combat!

  1. So when will Federal and other ammo manufactures start making this new caliber? Or will Wilson Combat be the only source for this new caliber?


      1. I went with .224 Valkyrie since Hornady and Federal both manufactures this fairly new caliber of ammo. I highly doubt that I would be willing to pay out $$$ for one of these AR’s with Wilson Combat not willing to source out this specification to other manufactures. Seems like a similar issue as the 20 year old FN 5.7 that really never gained a whole lot of traction for being out that long.


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