Range Day and Testing the New Carry Piece

I finally made it to the range this week.  This is the first time I’ve been for the sole purpose of practice in…  let’s just say a while.

First thing I did was the Press Check “No Fail Shot“, as it is designed to be shot cold.  From 25 yards, draw and fire 1 shot in under 3.0 sec, ten times.  Any rounds landing outside the black means you fail the drill.  I made 5 of 10.No Fail - Failed

Next up was the Big Tex Outdoors Drill of the Month for August 2018.  From 10 yards, draw and fire 10 rounds, support side only, in under 30 sec.  When I was reading it I totally missed the time limit.  Watching the video, I only got the first 3 rounds off in 30 seconds, so I totally screwed it up.  If you just score the target, I scored 98/100 – 4X.  Not a bad score as far as I’m concerned.Weak side b8

The next thing I shot was the infamous Dot Torture drill, from 3 yards.  I scored 35/50.  I’m really disappointed in my score on this, as much or more than my score on the No Fail Shot.  The thing that really sank my score was my tendency to push the muzzle down.  Dots 6, 7, 9, and 10 are supposed top be done at speed, and that’s where I dropped 11 of the 15 points.Dot torture 8-9-2018

After this I just burned some more 9mm at various ranges and worked on some cadence shooting.  As I did this, I noticed my flinch getting worse.  I didn’t get a picture of it, but there was a very consistent group of bullets to the bottom-left of the center of the target that extended as I backed up.  I know what I need to work on.

At this point I broke out the LCRx in .327 Federal Magnum.  I had yet to shoot this gun, but now I feel confident enough in it to carry it.  I’ll have a breakdown of it in greater detail later, but I’ll describe the gun like this: surprisingly stout.  As in, I had to stop halfway through a box of 50 because my hand hurt and I was developing a significant flinch.  That, and the cylinder was getting too hot to continue without gloves.  That gun needs some serious dry fire at home, for my sake.

I followed up the snubbie with some rounds through my AR.  Just some cadence practice, some ready-ups, and shot some 1-reload-1’s.  I have a rifle match this coming weekend and I needed to get the rust off.  Rifle skill sticks around longer and comes back faster than pistol skill, at least with me.  The big takeaways from my time with the rifle is that I need to work on my face positioning and I need to be reminded of the massive mechanical offset of an AR at close distances.

I finished off the session with some 100 grain Gold Dots through the .327.  These things are loaded hot.  Not to an unusable level, but plenty hot enough that I have zero concerns over it’s effectiveness on two-legged predators.  Seriously, if you have any doubts about the .327, shoot some Gold Dots through it.  You’ll change your mind.

I wouldn’t say that I’ve ‘broken in’ the LCRx, but I now have a much fuller understanding of that little gun.  That includes the speed loader.  I’ll go over it in detail later as well probably at the same time as I review the LCRx. Suffice it to say that I’ll be carrying a bottom-feeder daily for the foreseeable future.


I don’t show the scores I got in these drills to brag (I mean, obviously), I do it so that I can look back later and see how much I’ve improved, or how little.  I carry a pistol so that I can defend me & mine from those who wish to do us harm.  To do so, I need to be proficient.  I have to be able to place shots on target accurately and quickly, wishing to be good and having the right idea won’t work.  I need to be good at what I do, and the only way for me to improve is to track my progress.


4 thoughts on “Range Day and Testing the New Carry Piece

    1. The No Fail drill is an ego-murderer. The fact that it is supposed to be shot cold, to really see what you’re capable of while out & about in your daily life, really makes it rough.

      I believe it is pretty new.


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