A Case For The DA/SA For Your Carry Gun

I just ran across this piece on ITStactical.com, and figured that readers of my “What Gun Should You Buy” series would appreciate the perspective.  I’ll link it below.  I didn’t really address the aspect of picking an action for your first gun, though in retrospect I really should have.

Since this isn’t written by me, I’m releasing it in addition to your regularly scheduled Friday morning blog updates.

Here’s the article.  Though I did not write the article, I do agree with what the author put in it.



The featured image is of a safety/decocker from a Wilson Combat Beretta, and was taken from this Guns America article on the gun.

Disclaimer: None of the linked content was generated by me, I am merely showcasing quality work by others here for the betterment of society.

One thought on “A Case For The DA/SA For Your Carry Gun

  1. Its a good argument, honestly. I feel like the luster of Glock is fading. The prevalence of videos like the one recently of a guy with a holsterd Glock goring as he bent over don’t help. I’m not sure a DA/SA would have made a difference in that circumstance, but it makes the conversation get just a little bit louder.


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