Complimenting Duality

“Si vis pacem, para bellum”

This is a concept I’ve been thinking about for a while.  The idea is that a thing, device, concept, or idea can greatly benefit by the addition of something that goes against everything the original stood for.  ‘Complimenting Duality’ is a name I came up with for this idea because I noticed it one day (in what, I cannot remember), and then started to recognize all around me.

It’s related to the idea of Yin & Yang and keeping everything in balance, but mixed with the law of diminishing returns.  It’s not the idea that you must have equal amounts of column A and column B to keep yourself centered, but that the further into Column A your are, the more you gain from taking parts of column B.  The more your take from B, the less invested your are in A, and the less you gain from every further borrowing from B.

Imagine a pistol shooter.  He (or she, I don’t care) has spent thousands of dollars on pistol shooting.  Fast, up close, high volume, far away, one handed drills, etc, he’s studied and has a working knowledge of it, if not downright expertise.  What can this individual do to improve their skill?  Take a long range precision course.  Sounds dumb, right?  Well, that shooter is so heavily invested in up close, high volume speed shooting that something in the complete opposite direction would give them the most benefit.  Going the other way for a bit will open that person’s eyes to a whole new way to think about shooting, about trigger control, breathing cycles, natural point of aim, etc.  Except it doesn’t have to be a long range precision class.  The opposite direction that the tactical pistol shooter could go could be learning skeet shooting for a bit.  Or martial arts.  Something that gets the mind out of the same line of thinking that they were in previously.

Don’t think this is exclusive to guns and shooting, either.  If a person is well versed in the ballistic arts, taking some time to study hand to hand martial arts would be immensely beneficial.  If a person spends all their time in an office, going outside and out into nature for a bit will do wonders for them.  Most men could really benefit from learning to cook a handful of dishes.

The more focused you are in one area, the more you will benefit from studying something else.  Not necessarily in the field that you were focused on, though it is often just the case.  The idea is to break ourselves out of the ruts we inevitably become stuck in, whether we realize it or not, and make ourselves into more complete and well rounded people.



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