‘In Extremis’

In Extremis, adverb, meaning: ‘at the point of death’

[UPDATE 6-8-2018:  He had serious mental issues, like severe schizophrenic paranoia.  His YouTube channel lets you see into his mind, and it’s pretty revealing.  The guy honestly thought that there were demons and aliens everywhere around him, and that they were attacking him.  I honestly feel sorry that he didn’t get the help he needed before he tried to defend himself.  Unfortunately, his idea of defending himself turned out to be shooting up a local restaurant hosting a child’s birthday party.  I’m leaving the rest of the article unedited, because it’s still sound.]

Something happened recently near where I live.  A gunman entered into a local chain restaurant and started shooting up the place.  He was almost immediately drawn down on and killed by two citizens who were carrying guns.  Though the monster hit and injured 3 patrons, he was the only fatality.  What was his motivation?  Was he a disgruntled former employee?  Was he targeting a specific restaurant-goer without regard to bystanders?  Was he trying to be the next pulse nightclub style shooter?  Was he mentally disturbed and shooting at aliens in his mind?  We’ll never know, because he died on the scene.

Also, it doesn’t matter what his motivation was.  He tried to murder innocent people and died before he accomplished his goal.  He got smoke-checked before he could fatally wound anyone, and ended up taking the room temperature challenge.  As it should be.

A person rarely knows when Death will come knocking on their door, so we must be prepared for when it does.  Those people in the restaurant never thought they’d be going to their last meal.  Thanks to the forethought of those armed defenders, and their willingness to do violence in defense of others, none of them did.  They all lived to eat overpriced burgers and specialty pizzas another day.

Things like this happen and cannot be avoided.  I live in a city, cities are full of people.  Some people are going to try to murder other people around them.  The bigger the group of people around you, the higher the likelihood that the target will be you.  It’s simple statistics.

So, why do I carry a gun?  Why do I constantly try to improve my skills with it?  Why am I willing to spend a large portion of my disposable income on an item and skill that I will likely never even use for it’s intended purpose?  Because if it is needed, there are absolutely no substitutes.  The only reason to use lethal force of any kind is if the life of you or another is in serious, credible jeopardy.  Every time I put on my gun, I check the mag, check the chamber, check the light, and remind myself that what I am preparing for is the off chance that I may have to use lethal force against another human being.  I pray that I never have to.


At the point of death‘ is not an exaggeration when it comes to carrying a gun.


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