Why Every Gun Needs A Light

Every gun that may be used for defensive purposes needs a light on it. Have an AR in the safe in case a burgler breaks into your house? Put a weapon light on it. Carry a pistol while out & about in public? Put a weapon light on it. Got a pump shotgun leaned in the corner of your bedroom for when something goes bump in the night? Definitely put a light on it.

Why? Because Jeff Cooper says so.

The 4th rule of gun safety states: “Know your target, and what’s beyond it.” If it is dark, how can you know for certain? Remember, we’re talking about pointing guns at people, deciding whether to employ lethal force at another human being. There isn’t much in the world that I need to be more certain of than saving my life by way of taking another

So why don’t more people put lights on their EDC guns? I don’t know. I honestly don’t. I see pocket dumps (are those still a thing?) of people carrying handheld lights. Everything from small pen lights to some that carry huge CR123-powered lights in them are showcased in the majority of these show off pics, but rarely do I saw a gun-mounted light. I am glad to see the number of EDC-gun-lights is on the rise, though. Between Surefire releasing their tiny XC-1, the following flood of similar compact-sized CCW-targeted weaponlights, and the recent explosion of the Roland Special, the light mounted on a CCW has gone up. And that’s a good thing.

The term “life and death” is literally what we’re discussing, so don’t cheap out. Buy a quality light. I’ve owned lights by a few brands, and plan to only buy quality for the guns I’ll use defensively. I’ve used a Fenix light in the past and it was good and bright for a few years, but then it got what I’m calling ‘the flicker of death’. It would flicker when on and sometimes didn’t come on when clicked. Then it only turned on about half the time and flickered terribly. Then it usually didn’t turn on. At that point I called it a loss and got rid of it. This was an old Fenix that they haven’t produced in years and I honestly believe their current products to be far superior to what I got back in 2011. I got a generation 1 InForce APL in 2013. After a few months it also got the ‘flicker of death’. I immediately contacted InForce and I got it sent in & replaced surprisingly fast. That replacement is still on my carry gun today as of time of writing, no issues since then. I am looking for a replacement light though, and I’m looking hard at the Streamlight TLR-1 HL.

In conclusion, have a light on your gun. You don’t want to be the guy who shot his daughter in the middle of the night because she was sneaking in at 2am and mistook her for a burglar.


*Picture at the top is my EDC, old APL and all.


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