Twilight Run ‘n Gun 2018 I Update 1

Twilight Run ‘N Gun 2018 is a month away.  Since the last time I posted about my upcoming event I’ve been preparing.  Slowly.  I’m going to update my progress using the same sections I used in the first post.

1. Gear, aka the easy stuff

1.1)  Purchased a headlamp, found old pair of elbow pads, need to source knee pads.  Not even sure if I will even use the elbow pads, but the knee pads seem to be a good idea based on video of similar run & gun events.

1.2)  Today the last piece of kit I needed came in.  The rifle light I got was this.  I was mistaken from my last post, this is a 1,000 lumen model.  (#allthelumens) Since I’ve only just received a vital piece of gear, I have not tested out my loadout beyond simple function checking of individual components.

2. Training, aka the real challenge

2.1)  Finding an online 5k training program was simple and easy.  Following it, not so much.

2.2) It took me more than a week to try out a non stimulant pre-workout and exercise at night, but I’ve been doing that for the last week and it seems to be working out for me (pun intended).  I’ll run 3/4 mile, lift weights for 30-45 minutes, then finish with another 3/4 mile run.  I would not consider that to be an adequate 5k training schedule, but I justify it by telling myself that I’m not running a normal 5k.  I need to bump up the distance I run before & after to more fully prepare for the longer stretches of the course.

2.3)  Have not done this.  Total fail on my part.

2.4)  See section: 2.3

In conclusion, I have not prepared nearly as well as I had hoped to.  I’m behind schedule, and am only 4 weeks out.  Yikes.

in danger



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